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Fall under the application of the obligations defined by the ART regulatory act, only complaints completed on the appropriate form downloadable, both in Italian and English versions, on the company's internet page in the complaints section, and received through the forwarding channels specifically made available by the service operator (pec to the address or registered mail to be sent to the company's headquarters Sorrento (NA) Via Luigi De Maio 45) and/or by the terminal operator, in compliance with the minimum levels defined in points 1 b.1 and 1 b.2, thus excluding complaints forwarded through other channels (for example, through social networks such as Facebook or through e-mail or through messaging tools such as whatsApp etc..). This is all for a need for expeditiousness of the procedure and to facilitate the orderly feedback of complaints received at the company.


The company reserves the right to respond to this complaint in accordance with the provisions of Article 24(2) of EU Regulation No. 1177/2010, the text of which is reproduced below "If a passenger who falls within the scope of this Regulation wishes to submit a complaint to the carrier or terminal operator, he/she shall submit it within two months from the date on which the service was provided or should have been provided. Within one month after receipt of the complaint, the carrier or terminal operator shall notify the passenger that the complaint has been upheld, rejected, or is still under consideration. The time required for a final response shall not exceed two months from the receipt of a complaint."

Please note the response time limits run:

  • the complaint is deemed to have been transmitted and received on the day it is sent only when the same has been transmitted by Pec .
  • in case of submission of the complaint by regular mail, for the purposes of the commencement of the time limit for acknowledging the complaint, the same begins to run from the date of its registration.

In case of non-response to the complaint

The passenger, in case of non-response, may request to settle the position out of court.

The passenger, pursuant to Article 3 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 129/2015, after having submitted a complaint pursuant to Article 24 paragraph 2 of Reg. 1177/2010, to the carrier or terminal operator, after 60 days of receipt, may submit a second instance complaint to the Transportation Regulatory Authority for alleged violations of the Regulation.

INDEMNITY UNDER MEASURE 5 of the Regulations ART :

Item 1.: The user shall be entitled to receive automatic compensation commensurate with the ticket price referable to the transportation service in an amount not less than:

  • a) 10% in the case of a response provided between the sixty-first and ninetieth day after receipt of the complaint;
  • b) 20% in the case of response not provided within the 90th day from the receipt of the complaint.

Compensation under Measure 5.1 is not due in cases where:

  • a) the amount of the same is less than 6 euros;
  • b) the complaint is not transmitted by the user in the manner, minimum elements and timeframe provided for in Measure 3;
  • c) the user has already been paid compensation under Measure 5.1 with respect to a complaint concerning the same trip."


(A) Any complaints must be notified in writing directly to the Company within ten days of disembarkation. Accidents or damages must be immediately notified to the Onboard Command of the ship on which the trip was made.

(B) Subject to the written complaint referred to in point (A) above, the claim for compensation for damages resulting from death or personal injury must be received in writing by the Carrier within two (2) years from the date of the occurrence of such event, unless otherwise provided for by other applicable legislation.This complaint can be addressed to the soc. Alilauro S.p.A. Via Luigi de Maio, 45 80067 - Sorrento (NA) through a specific complaint form on the company's website.

(C) Claims for damage to baggage or other property shall be received by the Carrier in writing as soon as possible after their discovery and, in any case, no later than the time of disembarkation for hand luggage or, for all other baggage, when the damage is detected and, at the latest, at the time of delivery. For loss or for damage not visible, the written report must be made within fifteen (15) days from the date of disembarkation and / or from the date on which the return should have taken place.

The complaint must be received using the appropriate form, on the company's website, to be sent by registered mail to the detailed address in clause (B) above or by pec.


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