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For us at Alilauro Gruson, sustainability means protecting the environment, training the people who work with us and consequently taking care of the people who choose to travel with us

We are committed day after day to achieving these goals:

Protecting and respecting the environment is the first rule, and this translates into a desire to continuously improve and improve the performance and environmental impact of our fleet. We have also eliminated all single-use plastic accessories from our bars and excursions (such as plates, glasses and cutlery), as well as all single-use plastic packaged foods. 

As for our cabin crew and ground staff, safety training for all crew is mandatory and provides more detailed additional training specific to each role.  

In response to COVID-19, a comprehensive set of operating procedures has been developed that are based on already stringent health and safety measures that have been in place for a long time on board our ships. 

Whether they work on board, in ticket offices or in a ground support role, all our people receive the training they need to enable them to do an exceptional job. 

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