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General terms and conditions of transport

AlilauroGruson, (hereinafter “The Company”), undertakes to transport passengers, their baggage, and their cars, scooters or motorcycles, in compliance with this document, the General Terms and Conditions of Transport.  The conditions are considered to be known and accepted by any passenger who buys or uses  a ticket issued by the Company.  This document is available at all of the Company’s Offices and Ticket offices as well as on board each vessel.

The fares, timetables, routes and other conditions mentioned in this document may be modified as specified below.


The ticket is personal and cannot be transferred. It is only valid for the transport specified thereon. The passenger must keep his contract/ticket to justify his right to this transport, and must exhibit it to any Officer on the vessel or any Company Official that should ask to see it.

Tickets which have been altered or corrected will not be considered valid.  A ticket which has not been used within the issuing date will not be considered valid and the holder will have no right to a refund.  The regulations and the fares can be consulted at the ticket offices before boarding or on board the vessels.  Duplicates of lost or stolen tickets will not be issued.


Children under 2 years of age travel free, without the right to a seat; a ticket must be bought should a seat be required for them.  Children from 2 to under 12 years must have a child’s ticket.  From 12 years upwards a full fare ticket must be bought.  The age of the children must be documented.  Once the ticket has been issued no reduction for children can be applied.  All children under 12 must be accompanied by their parents or other adult who are responsible for them at all times whilst aboard the vessel.  The Company will not be responsible for any damages to or by minors if they are not accompanied by an adult.


Any reduction on the full fare must be requested by those who are eligible before a ticket is issued.  A document must be shown to validate  the reduction.


The special reduced fare for residents of the islands is only available to passengers who show documentation to prove their residency.  Any passenger found to be travelling with a residents ticket but without the correct documentation, will pay the difference between a residents ticket and the full fare, plus a fine of 100% full fare.

Checks on board

Crew members or Inspectors from the Company may carry out ticket checks on board during the journey.  Passengers who do not have a ticket, without having advised the Captain or his crew, will pay the full fare, plus a fine of 100% full fare.


Passengers with pre-paid tickets or with return tickets must be at the embarkation point 15 minutes before departure, otherwise the Company cannot guarantee departure.  Passengers with a return ticket must book at least two hours before the time chosen.


The contract, once concluded, cannot be terminated by the contracting parties. In any case, as an exception to article 400 of the Navigation Code, the company grants passengers who no longer intend to or can no longer depart the option of obtaining a refund of the fare under the following penalty conditions: I. For tickets canceled until 10 days before departure the refund will be 90%; II. For tickets canceled up to 2 days before departure, the refund will be 50%; III. For tickets canceled in the 24 hours before departure there is no refund; IV. Tickets issued with special fares are not refundable but only modifiable at a cost of €3.00 per person, plus fare integration. V. Booking fees are never refundable


Tickets are not invoices.  Passengers must ask specifically for an invoice before they buy the ticket, providing their personal and fiscal data according to Art. 22 of the DPR Law 633 of 26/10/72 and further modifications.


Baggage includes all suitcases, holdalls, bags, backpacks and similar, containing personal belongings of the passenger.  The passenger is allowed one piece of baggage (max. measurements 50x30x15cms and max. weight 10 kg.) on board a ferry, and with a max. weight 5 kg on board a high speed vessel; the contents must only include personal belongings.  Baggage exceeding these limits may be carried by paying an excess baggage ticket.  Baggage, goods and other packages may only be loaded on board with the passenger who is responsible for its transport.  Baggage cannot be positioned on seats or in any way be of inconvenience to other passengers.. Packages which do not contain personal belongings of a passenger, particularly if oversized, will only be loaded on board if there is space, and  if the crew considers that there is no technical obstacle.  A porter service is available and the passenger will pay this directly.  Baggage is not supervised and the passenger is responsible for its care on boarding, during the journey and when disembarked.

Any passenger who brings illegal substances or objects on board will be responsible to the company for any damage or fines which may arise from this transport.  The Company will only be held responsible, within the Law, for valuable articles handed in, in exchange for a receipt, to the Captain.  The Company is not responsible for valuable items, jewellery, money or other items left in the car or in public areas on board the vessel.  In any case the passenger will have to prove the entity of the loss or the damage, as well as the fact that this occurred during the journey on board the vessel. 


Dogs, cats and other small pets can be transported by the passenger, with an additional fare,  unless otherwise prescribed by law.  The animals must be kept outside on the deck and must not disturb or harm other passengers.  Animals are not allowed inside the vessel in public areas except for guide dogs for the visually impaired.  Dogs must wear a muzzle and be on a lead.  Cats and other pets must be kept in cages or closed baskets and be looked after by their owners.  Feeding is the Owners responsibility.

All animals must have the necessary veterinary documentation which certifies that the animal is healthy, and particularly for dogs, that they have an up to date anti rabies vaccination.  This documentation can be requested at any time by Company personnel at the ticket office or by the Crew on board.


It is severely forbidden to take on board knives, firearms, ammunition, explosives, fuel or other dangerous substances.


Once on board each passenger is obliged to follow all instructions given by crew members or by written signs.  Passengers must remain seated during the journey and during mooring and unmooring operations.  Passengers behaviour must never put safety at risk.


The passenger is responsible for all damage caused by himself directly, or by any person or animal in his care, to the vessel, its fittings, furnishings and accessories, to its equipment, to other passengers, to baggage, to Company crew members or staff, or to third parties, as well as for payment of sanctions, fines, penalties and/or any expenses that the Company has to pay as a consequence of the passenger’s actions


It is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry in their baggage or load in their cars any inflammable material, or other dangerous materials, black market items, letters or parcels subject to postal fees, State monopoly goods, any other goods which cannot be exported, nor can they take any articles which could disturb or upset other passengers into public rooms, lay down on the seats, open or close windows without asking a crew member. 

If the passenger  fails to comply with these bans he will be held totally responsible towards the competent Authorities and to the Company who reserves the right to claim any eventual damages, fines or sanctions.  The passengers will pay for any damages caused to the vessel or to the fittings on board.


The passenger is obliged to show crew members his ticket and any other documents required in the case of a fare reduction or exemption.  Times and routes shown on illustrated brochures are subject to changes.  Before arriving for boarding passengers are requested to check times and routes of their chosen journey with the Company’s Offices or ticket offices.  The Company is not responsible for sudden changes, due to force majeure, to obstacles to the vessel or for other justified reasons.

Passengers are absolutely not allowed to carry weapons of any sort on board.  If, on boarding or during the voyage, a passenger is found  to be carrying a weapon or appears in a physical condition (illness, drunkenness, or other reasons) which could be a danger to himself or to others, the Captain can adopt any measures allowed by Law.  The passenger, from the moment he boards until disembarkation, is obliged to conform to all instructions given by the Captain and his crew.


The times of departure and arrival of the vessel and the route taken by the same are subject to changes without forewarning, for technical reasons or force majeure; for these reasons the Company reserves the right to cancel or change journeys, either completely or partially.  The Company also reserves the right to cancel departures or ports of call for the same reasons.  Should the journey be changed for these reasons, the passenger must disembark in the new destination port and there will be no refund or compensation.  Passengers are, therefore, asked to check in advance, asking confirmation of times and routes at the ticket office, making sure, before departure, that there are no changes to the information shown on the ticket; in this case the passenger can ask to travel, if there are seats available, on the following departure using the same ticket but this can only be approved and accepted by the ticket office.  No further compensation or reimbursement will be provided by the Company for whatever reason.


The transport of passengers, car and baggage will be carried out at the passengers own risk.  The Company disclaims responsibility for damage to persons or things, for theft of vehicles or baggage.  The Company will not be responsible for additional expenses caused by delays or route changes due to technical or mechanical failures of its vessels, or due to causes beyond the Company’s control such as illness, bad weather, strikes, quarantine, wars, or force majeure .  Timetables, fares and travelling conditions can be changed without warning.



Fall under the application of the obligations defined by the ART regulatory act, only complaints completed on the appropriate form downloadable, both in Italian and English versions, on the company's internet page in the complaints section, and received through the forwarding channels specifically made available by the service operator (pec to the address or registered mail to be sent to the company's headquarters Sorrento (NA) Via Luigi De Maio 45) and/or by the terminal operator, in compliance with the minimum levels defined in points 1 b.1 and 1 b.2, thus excluding complaints forwarded through other channels (for example, through social networks such as Facebook or through e-mail or through messaging tools such as whatsApp etc..). This is all for a need for expeditiousness of the procedure and to facilitate the orderly feedback of complaints received at the company.


The company reserves the right to respond to this complaint in accordance with the provisions of Article 24(2) of EU Regulation No. 1177/2010, the text of which is reproduced below "If a passenger who falls within the scope of this Regulation wishes to submit a complaint to the carrier or terminal operator, he/she shall submit it within two months from the date on which the service was provided or should have been provided. Within one month after receipt of the complaint, the carrier or terminal operator shall notify the passenger that the complaint has been upheld, rejected, or is still under consideration. The time required for a final response shall not exceed two months from the receipt of a complaint."

Please note the response time limits run:

  • the complaint is deemed to have been transmitted and received on the day it is sent only when the same has been transmitted by Pec .
  • in case of submission of the complaint by regular mail, for the purposes of the commencement of the time limit for acknowledging the complaint, the same begins to run from the date of its registration.

In case of non-response to the complaint

The passenger, in case of non-response, may request to settle the position out of court.

The passenger, pursuant to Article 3 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 129/2015, after having submitted a complaint pursuant to Article 24 paragraph 2 of Reg. 1177/2010, to the carrier or terminal operator, after 60 days of receipt, may submit a second instance complaint to the Transportation Regulatory Authority for alleged violations of the Regulation.

INDEMNITY UNDER MEASURE 5 of the Regulations ART :

Item 1.: The user shall be entitled to receive automatic compensation commensurate with the ticket price referable to the transportation service in an amount not less than:

a) 10% in the case of a response provided between the sixty-first and ninetieth day after receipt of the complaint;

b) 20% in the case of response not provided within the 90th day from the receipt of the complaint.

Compensation under Measure 5.1 is not due in cases where:

a) the amount of the same is less than 6 euros;

b) the complaint is not transmitted by the user in the manner, minimum elements and timeframe provided for in Measure 3;

c) the user has already been paid compensation under Measure 5.1 with respect to a complaint concerning the same trip."


(A) Any complaints must be notified in writing directly to the Company within ten days of disembarkation. Accidents or damages must be immediately notified to the Onboard Command of the ship on which the trip was made.

(B) Subject to the written complaint referred to in point (A) above, the claim for compensation for damages resulting from death or personal injury must be received in writing by the Carrier within two (2) years from the date of the occurrence of such event, unless otherwise provided for by other applicable legislation.This complaint can be addressed to the soc. Alilauro S.p.A. Via Luigi de Maio, 45 80067 - Sorrento (NA) through a specific complaint form on the company's website.

(C) Claims for damage to baggage or other property shall be received by the Carrier in writing as soon as possible after their discovery and, in any case, no later than the time of disembarkation for hand luggage or, for all other baggage, when the damage is detected and, at the latest, at the time of delivery. For loss or for damage not visible, the written report must be made within fifteen (15) days from the date of disembarkation and / or from the date on which the return should have taken place.

The complaint must be received using the appropriate form, on the company's website, to be sent by registered mail to the detailed address in clause (B) above or by pec.


This document is affixed, to notify the public, in the Company’s offices and ticket offices and on board the vessels.   This affixation is noted on the ticket.


The Company reserves the right to supplement or modify the conditions which regulate the relationship with Customers.  –These changes will be made by the Company through postings in the Company’s offices and ticket offices and on board the vessels.  The changes will enter into force from the date indicated.


The competent court for any dispute is that declared by the law.

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